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Browse and share the dankest, freshest memes on the reddit meme economy with the new meme stock market game, Meme Exchange - Meme Stock Market.

Do you think you can spot the dankest, freshest memes? Now's your chance to become a wealthy reddit meme trader. Buy and sell shares of the latest fresh memes straight from reddit with this meme game.

How meme exchange works:

  1. Browse the Meme stock market listings.
  2. Buy shares based on stock value and stock growth with this stock market simulator.
  3. When your meme has grown enough in value sell your shares and watch your kek account grow!
  4. Each meme contains a full price history as well as other info to help you asses its value and potential for growth, it's a simple investing game.
  5. Earn as many keks as possible in this stock market game.
  6. We pull our memes hot off the presses of reddit from some of the dankest subreddits such as /r/dankmemes, /r/memes, /r/pics, /r/funny for this stock market simulator so you know our memes are always fresh.

Watch the values of memes evolve over time and decide if a meme is worthy of investing your hard earned keks. If the meme starts to become stale, sell your shares and reap the rewards of your investment.

Watch your meme portfolio and kek account grow over time as you trade in higher and higher value memes, invest wisely and all the keks can be yours.

Why trade memes?

This simple stock market game lets you practice the fundamentals of trading stocks and investing all while browsing dank memes. Learn the basics of buying and selling shares with fluctuating values and managing a portfolio of stocks with a stock market simulator like meme exchange before you invest your hard earned money on the real stock markets.