Fed up with browsing webcomics through your mobile browser? Want to automatically bookmark what you've been reading? Pageflip is the free webcomic reader you've been looking for! We support a wide range of popular comics including:
- xkcd
- smbc (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)
- Cyanide and Happiness
- Questionable Content
- Penny Arcade
- PhD Comics
- Safely Endangered
- Channelate
- Garfield
- Sinfest
- Schlock Mercenary
- PVP Comics
- For Better Or For Worse
and many more!

+ Auto bookmarking - webcomics you read will save where you left off automatically.
+ Customizable catalogue - add your favourites toons to your homepage for easy access from a catalogue of supported comics. No need to enter URLs or waste time navigating around.
+ Quick and simple navigation - supports swiping to go back and forth, as well as offers buttons to go to first, previous, random, next and last comics. Please note not every comic allows you all of those navigation options so some of these will be disabled depending on which comic is being read. Also allows pinch and double tap to zoom.
+ Easy sharing - had a laugh about something you just read and want to repost to every social media account you have? Perfect! This comic browser makes it easy to share you favourite strips at the touch of a button!
+ Open source comic support - I want to make sure that I'm not offering an exclusive service and I'm always looking for new material so I've opened up adding comics to this app to everyone. Instructions on how to add supported comics and examples of currently supported toons can be found here https://github.com/oseparovic/comic_selectors. You can also vote to add new comics in the app if you don't want to spend the time coding it out 🙂

Browse your favourites like xkcd, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Cyanide and Happiness and Penny arcade with ease and make all your friends jealous XD

I'm always open to feedback. If you have any questions or concerns about this webcomic reader, please feel free to contact me!