Cooking Converter is your simple unit converter assistant for all your cooking conversion needs. Found a recipe that you want to multiply? Don't waste time measuring out lots of tablespoons - convert to cups and optimise! Oven only supports Celsius but the recipe is in Fahrenheit? No problem. This app helps you perform a wide variety of very common unit conversions you might find in your kitchen like cups to ounces, ounces to grams, grams to ounces, grams to teaspoons, teaspoons to tablespoons, tablespoons to ounces, cups to quarts, Celsius to Fahrenheit and more!

Cooking Converter supports several cooking measurement related measurement conversion types, divided by unit converter categories including:

- Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
- Cup
- Tablespoon (tbsp)
- Teaspoon (tsp)
- Litre (L)
- Millilitres (mL)
- Quarts (qt)

- Gram (g)
- Kilogram (Kg)
- Ounce (oz)
- Pound (lb)

- Celsius
- Fahrenheit

Does this sound like the unit converter you've been missing in your kitchen? If so, try it out!

We're always happy to hear from our users too. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this unit converter or noticed that we're missing a conversion unit type, please reach out to us at our listed developer email 🙂