Whether it’s stress, caffeine, exercise, or some other cause, tracking your head pain symptoms can allow you to more easily communicate with your health care provider and help them figure out what’s at the root of your recurring migraines, or cluster headaches.


  • Easy logging of headache traits such as duration, severity, pain location, pain type, and triggers.
  • Headache pain locations include TMJ, Migraine, Tension headache, Cluster headache, sinus and more.
  • Detailed calendar view so you can see headache patterns visually.
  • Free basic headache symptom analysis
  • Premium advanced headache analysis + history with detailed graphs.
  • Premium medication tracking to correlate medication usage with headache and migraine patterns.

Why use it?

Communicating with your doctor becomes much easier once you start collecting standardized data points. Headache tracker focuses your diary on relevant information like pain location, duration and severity

If you’re looking to manage your headaches and track changes in your symptoms, Headache Tracker is the right tool for you.


As a person who has been getting migraines since I was 11, this is very useful. I wish I had known about it earlier.

I use it all the time unfortunately, good design and it has been helpful so far

After 1 log, I realized your app will provide more than I’d hoped, so I purchased the Premium Subscription. This will be so beneficial for my doctor, as I always forget all this information & now I can just show her! Thank you! 

I like the illustrations that show the location of the headache, pain intensity level, symptoms, notes, and auras. Also date and time when headache started and ended. Nice app.