What is IronMetrics? It's an all in one free app with a BMI calculator and a BMR calculator. Keep tabs on your fitness levels and ideal weight with this health statistics app.

- BMI calculator
- BMR calculator
- Target heart rate calculator
- one rep max calculator
- ideal weight calculator

With this simple and easy to use fitness, BMI and BMR calculator, you can learn more about your health and fitness levels, learn your ideal weight, BMI, estimated BMR, ideal target heart rate for cardio and other exercise, estimated one rep max for a given exercise. This knowledge will get you one step closer to achieving all of your bodybuilding, fitness, health, strength and conditioning, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting goals!

Disclaimer: the BMI calculator, BMR calculator, one rep max calculator and target heart rate calculator apps should only be used as rough guidelines and should never replace the advice or knowledge of a trained physician. These are all metrics that have been developed over long periods of time but they are all estimates that will vary in accuracy person to person, depending on weight, height, gender and ethnicity.