Karmahound for Reddit

Get notified of the latest trends and threads on Reddit with Karma Hound!

This Reddit app makes finding new threads right when they’re posted easy so you never miss a new thread.

Optimize your Reddit karma and comment visibility by receiving notifications of potentially popular threads in your favorite subreddits while they’re still new. Don’t wait for them to hit the front page.


  • Find new threads by creating keyword listeners on your favorite subreddits. When a new thread appears that matches your search terms you will be notified and you can easily jump into the thread and start commenting.
  • Get notified of any new Reddit alerts that match your subreddit search terms.
  • Maintains a complete thread match history so you can remember the thread notifications you’ve received.
  • No need to link your reddit account or sign in.

Don’t miss anymore Reddit Karma by being late to a hot thread and having your comment buried by the top posts. Try Karma Hound now!


If you have any questions about this app or have suggestions on how it can be improved please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact page.