Air Quality Index Near Me

Air Quality Index Near Me uses your GPS location to determine the levels of air pollution at the closest available air quality measuring station. You can also check the air quality index of other locations and cities worldwide with this easy to use pollution meter app

Steam Broadcast Viewer

Watch Steam livestream broadcasts on your Android device. Stream your favourite FPS, RTS, MMO RPG and indie games on the go. Sign in and watch your friends or explore popular broadcasts and featured showcases of up and coming games!

Karmahound – alerts for reddit

Get notified of the latest trends and threads on Reddit with Karma Hound!

This Reddit app makes finding new threads right when they’re posted easy so you never miss a new thread.

Meme Exchange

Like dank memes? Want to learn how the stockmarket works? Meme Exchange is the #1 meme stock market app.

Browse all the best dank memes and funny pics while you learn to invest. Buy shares in all the latest hot meme formats like STONKS, MLG, illuminati games, and more. No other meme game can even come close!

Cooking Converter

Cooking Converter is your simple unit converter assistant for all your cooking conversion needs. Is converting from metric units to imperial units eating up too much time in the kitchen? Found a recipe that you want to multiply? Don’t waste time measuring out lots of tablespoons – convert to cups and optimize! Oven only supports Celsius but the recipe is in Fahrenheit? No problem


Pageflip is the free webcomic reader you’ve been looking for! Set up a comic reading list and view comic strips the way they’re meant to be on mobile – full width with zooming and panning options to read comics easily in a format you enjoy.

EasyTax – Sales Tax Calculator

EasyTax – Sales Tax Calculator is the all in one simple sales tax calculator for calculating sales tax and discounts on purchases right there in the store.

This simple shopping calculator will let you calculate the sales tax and total of a purchase of any price before you reach the checkout and avoid any sales tax related surprises at the till!

Supareada blog reader

Stay up to date from one place with this simple feed reader. Supareada lets you easily customise your list of RSS feeds; simply add the URL of a feed and the app will automatically pull the latest posts from that site or blog. The app will also keep you up to date pulling posts from each blog you follow every time you open the app.